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come as you are!

I'm a girl! (surprise surprise)
I'm from Finland
I'm twenty-something.
I live alone and I'm single
I don't have any siblings or pets
I've a lot of nicknames
I can be Suvi (which is my real name), or I can be Susie or Susnu.
You can also give me a new nickname, if you want.
English is not my first language, I'll make mistakes with grammar / spelling.
I'm a dreamer and I love life.
Music is my passion, and I'll listen everything what I can dance or what I can feel. Pretty much all, right?
I luv writing and reading.
Black nailpolis is must and some glitter in it, too.
I try to be positive with my life and who I am.
My life is not been easy, but because of that fact, I'm strong person.
It's who I am, not who you want me to be.
I hate drama, I hate when its ruining friendships.
I'm all around this World Wide Web.

About this journal:

I'm not so comfort for writing public, so this is locked.
You can add me, if you want. Just remember to comment.
I write basically about my life, dreams and music.
You like Adam Lambert (or adommy), Michael Jackson or Allison Iraheta? I luv you already ♥
Don't judge me, give me a chance.

About my websites:

Like I said, I'm all over this world wide web-universe.
My livejournal, is mostly same as this account, so u can add me there too if u want.
My tumblr, I kinda forget that its there, but I try to update it more.
If you wanna ask me something, u can do it in my formspring.
You wanna know what kind of music I listen? its here in my
If you want to send me some tweets or follow me in twitter, you can do it in here. My twitter.
My facebook, you will see it only if you are logged inside, so.

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